"Our origins"

Loud Professional manufactures professional sound reinforcement. The project was born in Italy in the early 90’s and initially focused almost exclusively in research and experimentation, thanks to the strong motivation and passion of Loud Professional founder Valerio Cherubini (CEO & Founder).

"Bringing expertise & Know-How On the road" 

Before entering the professional audio market, Loud Professional staff and products underwent a long period of direct test “on the road”. This trial period allowed us to gain a wide expertise, giving us the needed experience to begin our professional journey. Brand Identity In the 90’s Loud Professional experience a profound evolution culminated with the refinement of the VH e-motion series, a true flagship of the company. This evolution lead us to define our Sound Philosophy, giving rise to an important Brand Identity process, characterized by the strong spirit of the company. Definitively, our systems were - and still are - extremely recognizable due to the particular and unmistakable speaker design.

"The Sound Philosophy"

The VH e-motion Series was started with a fundamental ambition that inevitably took its name: to give back to the audience the purest and accurate listening experience wherever they moved within the audience itself. This was the starting point of our sound philosophy: to give all listeners the same identical emotions (e-motion) of listening, the most uniform possible along the two fundamental axis, "V"ertical (forward and backward) and "H"orizontal (from left to right). Hence the name VH e-motion. With this important system emerged our guide line that we still respect and pursued today: controlled directivity, high efficiency, wide dynamics range, strong sound impact, powerful bass, smooth and flat frequency response. Later on, in order to answer to the professional market and installations requirements, all successive product lines were created: first the VH Layer Series, in which all the aforementioned principles were transposed from Point Source to Line Source, and now our current line "Formula", which to us is nothing but a new starting point where all our above mentioned principles are respected and maximized. Moreover, our products are suitable to extremely different use conditions.

"Our mission"

Our mission is to always offer the maximum comfort to our listeners for the best quality listening experience. So, they never get tired at any sound pressure level, feeling the strongest emotions in a new “unheard way” through the most accurate manufacturing of extremely advanced and technologically innovative sound reinforcement.

"The Intensive R&D"

Being fully aware that R&D activities are the core of our continuous evolution, we have always focused on improving the manufacturing process in which not even the smallest mistake is tolerated. Our advanced prototyping activity, our current highly automated manufacturing process and the use of the latest technologies in production cycles allowed us to achieve a high quality standard ensuring great uniformity through production batches and high product reliability over time.

"The Look Made in Italy"

“Italians do it better”, we are proud of the 100% Made in Italy manufacturing process, from design to manufacture. Our product is appreciated in many ways and one is definitely the most recognizable Look. Characterized by its sober and elegant shape, the design of Loud Professional products is absolutely unmistakable. The chromatic contrast between the black of the cabinet and the pure white of some salient details, such as the waveguides, make it a one-of-a-kind product that integrates harmoniously into the architecture of the installment place. The unmistakable discretion and charm are key-points of our line.

"The Technical support..." 

The Technical support, Passion, Experience and Know-How, perfect Identity and Sound Philosophy, are the result of a long evolution and constant research, representing the staples of Loud Professional, but we still have some more important objectives to be achieved. For sure, one of these, is to create the largest audience of constantly updated and well-trained users who share the same sound philosophy, the same way of thinking. In order to do this we have been organizing workshops, courses, seminars and training days for the industry experts. This training moments are vital for learning our systems' functionality and for adapting it to every use, so to always achieve the best performance, anytime and anywhere. Whenever you are using a Loud Professional system you will always have the same feeling! The refinement of particular application softwares such as for management & sound prediction allows a more precise and fast use of our systems, specifically with the aim of standardizing the Loud Professional sound universe. The realization of the PoweRack as a solid amplification platform allowed us to come full circle. A wide range of dedicated presets and system configurations always allow the perfect use of our speakers with no-compromise, maximizing its performances. The PoweRack is an extremely useful and indispensable device that guarantees the correct power supply of the amplifiers, the correct management of the input signals and the output power, according to the speaker internal wiring system. AC Mains & Signals Patch and PowerPatch are the main responsible for this job and they are both integrated into the different versions of the PoweRack series, mistakes are no accepted!

"Marketing Approach & Brand Awareness"

We engage in an intense promotional and demonstrative activity that naturally favors the growth and expansion of the brand. Once you’ve listened to a Loud Professional system, you can’t forget it! We regularly participate to the most important trade fairs, that take place globally, to reach out to experts and companies interested in using our system as many as possible, thus creating a Network within the global distribution. The most widespread sharing within the network and the world wide distribution facilitates the integration of our systems. Loud Studio, our new concept of assistance, allows today's users to be globally assisted according to their every need. Highly qualified staff in each assistance center will be able to answer to the different request for technical assistance and more. Special system configurations, prediction projects, custom-made installations and more can be provided in a short time spread. We promise that with us you will experience the maximum comfort by living a unique experience. Our main goal is your total satisfaction...time.


“Listen carefully...Feel better!”

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