AirStudio Reference Monitors   AirFive    
AirFive is a true reference loudspeaker monitor all designed and built in Italy using state-of-the-art technologies and components.
The result is unrivaled level of clarity, transparency and accuracy for a professional compact monitor.
It makes legendary Loud Pro performance available to every studio. Astonishing resolution and neutrality is provided by a sophisticated dual power class D amplifier with an integrated DSP.
AirStudio is the Loud Professional Reference Monitor series, the model number, AirFive refers only to the approximate size (in inches) of the bass driver.
The attention to details is evident throughout the design of the AirStudio series. The ribbon tweeter produces detailed, uncompressed highs and upper mids without being tiring over long listening periods. It combines a strong vertical directivity with a wider horizontal dispersion, ideal for rooms with reverberant ceilings and floors. Despite its compact housing, the bass response is powerful and precise.
Loud professional Airstudio Reference Monitors provide an accurate sound reproduction with outstanding clarity, definition, and neutrality.
Every AirStudio Series monitor is engineered to deliver an uncompromisingly flat frequency response, from the elimination of internal diffractions and controlling the sound directivity courtesy of the ribbon tweeter technology. The system extends its response up to 23 kHz
Its sturdy, vibration-free structure ensures diffraction-free sound reproduction even at highest output levels. Deep, accurate and tightly controlled bass response is delivered thanks to a double 5in. woofers and the low-frequency transmission line port.
To understand why, you only need to listen!