VH Layer Series VH Layer112H VH Layer112H+EMD VH Layer212H

VH Layer Series, designed in the 2000's decade, was born as the perfect answer to professional users request of a Line-Array system. Based on its sound philosophy, that it had just come to full realization in those years, Loud Professional engineered the VH Layer212H. Aspects such as: controlled directivity, high efficiency, wide dynamics range, strong sound impact, powerful bass, smooth and flat frequency response, guideline of the previous VH e-motion series, appeared immediately as a true reference for the next incoming VHLayer range. Fully respecting the fundamental ambition of always delivering to everyone the same extraordinary listening experience, the VH Layer series completely distinguished itself for a powerful, clear and undistorted sound reproduction.The same e-motions of the previous point source range are guaranteed with no compromise! In addition to the VH Layer212H, the range comprises the 112H and the 112H plus EMD (External Midrange Device), a dedicated midrange section performing at the best in a really critical and focal point as the medium range. The result is an extremely comfortable unheard way of listening.