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VH Micro Series VH Micro Full Range VH Micro Sub112DR
VH Micro Full Range is the smallest two-way Loud Professional Full-range system. Delivering an incredible MF/HF SPL output it complements any larger sound system in Front/In/Out Fills or distributed sound applications.
It comprises 1 x 1in. compression driver coaxially mounted on a 6.5in. LMF transducer compact and lightweight Bass-reflex enclosure.
The compression driver ensures superb sonic quality thanks to its special flat annular ring diaphragm together with the high energy Neodymium magnet.
The extremely linear frequency response is extended up to 20 kHz.
HF section features a 60 deg. conical waveguide. Thanks to its directivity pattern Micro FR offers a smooth off-axis response which does not vary significantly. 
An internal passive network for the Low-Mid/High crossover points, ensures the most cost effective use of available amplifier channels. The 16 Ω nominal impedance allows to drive up to eight units in parallel.
VH Micro FR offers an extremely transparent and well detailed sound reproduction, characterized by an exceptional dynamic range.
Even if the system si driven by the most complex signals, it naturally provides the same precision standard unheard from a similar enclosure of the same category and equal size. Instruments and vocal intelligibility is incomparable!
Sonically, VH Micro FR system delivers the Loud Professional signature sound of warmth, clarity and smooth response at high levels with ease.
VH Micro FR is designed for a wide variety of applications including high level professional reinforcement systems.
A complete range of rigging accessories makes easier and faster all deployments such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or stacked offering multiple set-up options and various orientations.
VH Micro Sub112DR is the ideal companion as natural LF extension, boosting the system response down to 45 Hz for a plenty lower reproduction.
Sensational is bass-punch as a whole, that you cannot expect from really compact and lightweight enclosures.
Great performances, compact dimensions and lightweight make the VH Micro system incredibly smart and portable, just by  broadening the applications range, expressly in mobile situations.
VH Micro system can be extremely useful in many situations, specially when there is not enough space such as really low ceilings venues or narrower downstage Front/In/Out Fill area even keeping a low profile impact and always delivering great performances.
Significant construction criteria, combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, ensure a great reliability over time. 
VH Micro FR cabinet is constructed from marine Birch-ply and has an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish. 
Micro Sub112DR is the ideal companion of the Micro FR system, significantly boosting its LF extension down to 45 Hz (@ -6 dB).

Applications: Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls, Discos, Clubs, Bars & Shopping Centers.

Technical Specifications 
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB)    120 Hz - 20 kHz
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V    60° x  60° - Conical
Maximum Peak SPL    131 dB
 Components LMF    1 x 6.5in. Neodymium cone driver
 Components HF    1 x 1in. exit Neodymium compression driver
 Nominal Impedance     16 Ω (Internal passive network)
 Power Handling (AES / Peak)    200 / 800 W (operating @ 200 Hz - HPF) 
 Connections    2 x SpeakON™ NL4
Enclosure Construction    18 / 24 mm Birch-ply 
Finish    Black Polyurea PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish
Protection Grille    N.A.
 Height Front (mm / in.)    257 / 10.11
 Height Back (mm / in.)    340 / 13.38
 Width Front (mm / in.)    225 / 08.85
 Width Back (mm / in.)    225 / 08.85
 Depth (mm / in.)    195 / 07.67
 Weight (kg / lbs)    8 / 17.63
Supported Processing    Armonia Pro Audio Suite

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