Since the 1990 decade, the VH e-motions series was designed and seriously came out our fundamental Sound Philosophy,  just getting full realization and giving a great brand identity to the Loud Professional beating heart.
Controlled Directivity,
focusing energy where needed, inevitably increasing the system efficiency and reducing undesirable interactions and conflicts.
High Efficiency,
due to the special loudspeaker designs, all our systems are fully engineered to always reach best performances with no compromise,  More power...Less units! 
Wide Dynamics Range,
the fast and prompt transient response is unique as you never heard before!
Strong Sound Impact,
through strong e-motions, what makes a live performance great,  always delivering the right  impact  to the audience in the best pleasant way:
onstage  or  downstage.
Powerful and Deep Bass,
an important key factor of each great sound reproduction! It has to be extended to the lower octaves, it has to be controlled and well defined, it has to be punchy and powerful enough surrounding the crowd.
Smooth and Flat Frequency Response,
through the most accurate sound reproduction and fully respecting the human hearing system in some critical and focal points for an extremely comfortable unheard way of listening.
Precise Dedicated Presets & Finest Tuning,
Loud Professional provides a complete range of customized presets, each expressly dedicated to a single system, always allowing to achieve its finest tuning when performing.

"Extraordinary Listening Experience"

Our mission is always offering the maximum comfort to our listeners for their best quality listening experience,  every time and everywhere. So, they never get tired at any sound pressure level, feeling strongest emotions in a new “unheard way of listening”!

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