VH Monitor Series VH SM12H VH SM15 VH SM212
Born to be a perfect live performer and expressly designed for on stage performances, the VH Monitor Series is also particularly suitable to all short-medium throw sound reinforcement applications.
The range comprises a single 12in. (SM12H), a single 15in. (SM15) and a two 12in. (SM212) generous LMF transducers. 
Multipurpose systems, all three can be also used in every kind of application where a point source system needed. The smaller one, VH SM12H, is the perfect fit for all short to medium (10 - 15m) applications, specially in environments with very low ceilings.
Thanks to its special horn loaded design it's able to deliver an incredible sound impact for a fast a prompt transient response, unusual compared to other speakers of equal size.
SM15 and SM212, respectively equipped with a single 15in. and  double 12in. LMF transducers, stand out for a really extended low frequency response, that's why are extremely useful as drum fill systems for all performers who need great quantity of well detailed lows.
Both feature a Mid-Hi conical waveguide giving a dispersion of 60 deg. H x 60 deg. V, while SM12H hosts a 20 deg. H x 90 deg. V constant directivity rotable horn.
Extremely narrow is the horizontal dispersion, in order to avoid any interference in a closer proximity focusing on the artist only and offering an excellent acoustic isolation from other performers. Extremely accurate, the VH Monitor Series frequency response makes unique vocals and instruments intelligibility.
Great performances, lightweight and compact dimensions make these systems incredibly smart and portable just by broadening the applications range.
VH Monitor range can be as well matched with all the most challenging Loud Professional VH subwoofers, boosting their LF extension.