PoweRack Series  V.1 V.1i  

PowerPatch and AC Mains & Signals Patch are typical tools expressly dedicated for amplifier racks integration. The PowerPatch allows the perfect output speaker connections for a maximum of 16 channels. It comprises four sections (A,B,C,D) equipped with four NL8 and eight NL4 SpeakON output connectors.
Each section houses a couple of NL4 related to a single NL8 SpeakON connector, giving the opportunity to bring out power to speakers up to a maximum of four channels or same time driving two way full range systems or double be-wired subwoofers. If necessary, driving simple two way passive systems or single subwoofers both only plugged into Pins 1+/1-, an optional output patch allows to split each NL8 into four NL4 SpeakON connectors. 
The AC Mains & Signals Patch provides the necessary AC Mains to the amplifiers Rack giving also the opportunity to externally link the earth loop connection. 
A short AC output link allows to bring electricity to another rack in the closer proximity.
A dedicated signals Input/Link section allows to assign different signal types as Analog 1,2 and AES Digital 1&2, 3&4. Each input signal is related to an output link, enabling to drive more units at the same time.
The networking Input/Link section provides the necessary ethernet loop remote connection between paralleled racks up to a maximum of four units.