Gamma8 aspects

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Gamma8 is an installation-specific product, the mid-sized of the Gamma speaker range. As each Gamma model, it features the Co-linear concept, housing a state of the art coaxial 8in. transducer. 
The Co-linear design approach physically aligns LMF and HF acoustic centers to obtain a single point source configuration, delivering a coherent wavefront output across the entire reproducible frequencies spectrum, free of comb-filtering effects generated by traditional transducers couplings.
The result is un incomparable phase response, only recognizable in high quality studio reference monitors, bringing studio quality to short-medium throw professional sound reinforcement.
Its conical waveguide gives a dispersion of 70 deg. on both Vertical and Horizontal axis. The same HF directivity pattern makes all Gamma extended range speakers compatible each other, key factor extremely useful in every permanent or temporary installation. The optimized vented box offers an efficient lower response down to 60 Hz (@ -10 dB) despite of its small cone driver dimension.
The Gamma8 double angled enclosure can be successfully employed as multipurpose system as well as: Stage monitor, PA or Front Fills and In/Out Fills, from small to medium-sized venue.
The really low profile makes the speaker extremely useful in all applications where not so high ceilings require small dimensions.  
The system can be successfully supplemented with the Gamma subwoofer enclosures, boosting its lower response and always offering the Loud Professional legendary listening comfort. 
A complete range of rigging accessories makes easier and faster all the deployments such as ceiling-mounted or stacked offering multiple set-up options and various orientations.
Significant construction criteria, combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, ensure a great reliability over time.
Gamma8 cabinet is constructed from marine Birch-ply and has an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish.
A color range (RAL Architectural program) makes all Gamma speakers, for an easy integration, most appropriate for each installation depending on the architectural and furniture requirements.
Applications: Conference Halls, Theaters, Ceremonies, Shops & Commercial Centers, Small Clubs, Pubs,
Lounge Bars & Restaurants.

Technical Specifications 
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB)    65 Hz - 20 kHz (60 Hz @ -10dB)
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V    70° x  70° - Conical
Maximum Peak SPL    127 dB
 Components LMF    1 x 8in. Neodymium cone driver
 Components MHF    1 x 1in. Neodymium compression driver
 Nominal Impedance     8 Ω (Internal passive network)
 Power Handling (AES / Peak)    250 / 1000 W
 Connections    3 x SpeakON™ NL4 (Two on the Rear side, one on the bottom side)
Enclosure Construction    12 mm Birch-ply
Finish    Black or White Polyurea PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish
     (Optional custom color, refer to the User Manual)
Protection Grille    Powder coated 1.5mm Metal Rigid Grille
     Acoustically Transparent Cloth for discrete appearance
     (Optional custom color, refer to the User Manual)
 Height Front (mm / in.)    400 / 15.74
 Height Back (mm / in.)    400 / 15.74
 Width Front (mm / in.)    250 / 10.62
 Width Back (mm / in.)    78.5 / 03.09
 Depth (mm / in.)    305 / 09.11
 Weight (kg / lbs)    8 / 17.63
Supported Processing    Armonia Pro Audio Suite  &  Armonia Plus