VH Micro Series VH Micro Full Range VH Micro Sub112DR
VH Micro Series is one of the smallest Loud Professional speakers range. It comprises two complementary speakers, Micro Full Range and Micro Sub112DR, respectively a Full Range and a Sub-bass unit, last this extends the overall frequency response toward the lower end region to 50 Hz as a stand alone system.
This system has been expressly designed for a large variety of applications where a powerful, clear and undistorted sound reproduction is required from extremely compact and lightweight enclosures. Its out of standard SPL capability, compared to speakers equipped with transducers of the same dimensions, makes the VH Micro system unique.  
The VH Micro speakers can be extremely useful in many situations, specially when there is not enough space such as really low ceilings venues or narrower downstage Front Fill areas, even keeping a low profile impact and always delivering great performances.