Focus Series FocusEight   
Focus Series is an ultra controlled directivity Line Array products range. It is characterized by a narrower dispersion thanks to its special double parabolic waveguide, giving a precise directivity pattern of 70° x 10° on the Horizontal & Vertical axis (depending on the array elements number).
A-state-of-the-art Neodymium transducers perform in Focus Series, achieving out of standard performances that you cannot expect from boxes of those dimensions. All systems feature a high efficiency LMF & MHF two-way configuration, always delivering the necessary output in all medium sized venues, despite of their small Low-Mid transducers.
Thanks to the narrower dispersion Focus Series can be successfully employed specially in high reverberant environments, where it is particularly suited, or when venues are located in the closer proximity of the neighbors, preserving them from undesirable effects of noise pollution.