MicrHome Series MicrHome MicrHome Mini MicrHome Nano MicrHome Sub
MicrHome Series, expressly designed to be ideal partner for the Home Entertainment, it's quite literally the perfect fit for all everyday needs. Accompanies your Home Cinema as well as makes you listen to good music or help you to play and compose on your computer...it's always an excellent reference! 
The complete range features four complementary speakers, MicrHome, MicrHome Mini, MicrHome Nano and MicrHome Sub, this one boosting the LF contour for a great listening quality.
The special "Black & White"  look, which stands out for the Soft Touch finish, makes this products range extremely interesting for an easy integration in modern architectures when the elegance is a priority.  
MicrHome, the main speaker of the range, can be successfully used as a stand alone system, performing a plenty bass reproduction. It's not absolutely necessary to be supplemented with its ideal companion, the MicrHome Sub.
The extended configuration offers great benefits in terms of deeper frequency response, supporting the Low-Mid transducer and providing a warm and smooth sound feeling, always delivering the legendary Loud Professional listening comfort.
The Mini & Nano complete the range, being so useful for the ultra-compact dimensions that you can fit them wherever you need, even in the most unthinkable places. The clarity of the high frequencies, joined with the flat and smooth frequency response, make them extremely recognizable. These aspects are shared through all the range!
MicrHome series is particularly suited for all applications where high standard pressure levels are not required, as well as distributed sound in small venues: houses, apartments, lounge bars, shops and more others, always pursuing the ambition of the best listening experience.