MicrHome Series MicrHome MicrHome Sub
Micrhome Series is the ideal partner for all home audio applications, it is quite literally the perfect fit for all everyday needs. It comprises two complementary speakers, MicrHome and MicrHome Sub, last this extending the system frequency response toward the lower end region down to 45 Hz.
MicrHome can also be successfully used as a stand alone system giving a plenty bass reproduction, it's not absolutely necessary to be supplemented with its ideal companion.
The complete configuration, obviously offers great advantages in terms of extended frequency response, boosting the Low-Mid section and providing a warm and smooth sound reproduction, always delivering the Loud Professional legendary listening comfort.
MicrHome series is particularly useful for all applications where high standard pressure levels are not required, as well as distributed sound in small venues: pubs, bars, shops and more others, always pursuing the ambition to obtain the same best quality listening experience.