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MicrHome Nano is the ideal partner for home audio applications, it's quite literally the perfect fit for all everyday needs, accompanying your Home Cinema as well as making you listen to good music or helping you to play and compose with your computer...Nano is always an excellent reference! 
With its special and elegant design, which stands out for the Soft Touch finish and for its markedly rounded corners of the box, Nano features a  single 2in. full range transducer that provides an exceptional flat and smooth frequency response from 130 Hz up to 20 kHz.
Despite of the ultra-compact dimension, the 2in. small full range is capable of delivering great performances as you cannot expect from box of that size when combined with a Sub/Bass unit (MicrHome Sub). 
It can be ideally configured with the MicrHome Sub to further extend its LF contour down to 45 Hz, always offering the legendary Loud Professional comfort listening. 
Mini can also be successfully used for Surround effects  in combination with MicrHome (The Main Front L/C/R) and MicrHome Mini (The Rear L/R).
A complete range of rigging accessories makes easier and faster all the deployments as wall/ceiling-mounted, offering multiple set-up options and various orientations.
A pole mounting kit (Bracket, Adapter & Distance Rod) allows the speaker to be pole mounted on a standard speaker stand or on top of a Sub/Bass unit.
Nano can also stands on the floor using a vertical microphone stand or using a distance rod combined with an expressly dedicated stable platform.
Significant construction criteria, combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, ensure a great reliability over time.
MicrHome Nano cabinet is constructed from MDF Hydro and has a Polyurethane Soft Touch finish.
Applications: Houses & Apartments, Shops, Lounge bars, Ceremonies

Technical Specifications 
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB)    170 Hz - 20 kHz (130 Hz @ -10 dB)
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V    90° x  90° - Conical
Maximum Peak SPL    104 dB
 Components LMF - MHF    1 x  2in. Neodymium Full Range cone driver
Nominal Impedance     8 Ω 
 Power Handling (AES / Peak)    25 / 100 W  
 Connection    1 x Phoenix™ 4 Pole Connector
Enclosure Constructions    15 mm MDF Hydro 
Finish    Black or White Polyurethane Soft Touch finish
Protection Grille    N.A.
  Height Front (mm / in.)    130 / 05.11
Height Back (mm / in.)    130 / 05.11
Width Front (mm / in.)    90 / 03.54
Width Back (mm / in.)    90 / 03.54
 Depth (mm / in.)    90 / 03.54
Weight (kg / lbs)    0.5 / 01.10
Supported Processing    Armonia Pro Audio Suite & Armonia Plus