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Formula F210 is the latest Loud Pro Line Array generation system, designed to meet the needs of the most challenging audio market users.
A plenty full-bandwidth low frequency response, extended down to 65 Hz, allows the system to be used without subwoofer units in many applications where additional low frequency extension is not required.
Its special design enables to achieve the best performances you cannot expect in a really compact and lightweight enclosure, performing in every kind of applications where hight output SPL, extended and really flat response, uniformity and great off axis coherence are required.
F210 combines two generous long excursion 10in. Low-Mid woofer, two 5in. midranges and two 1in. compression drivers giving a dispersion of 90 degrees and 10 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axis.
The two 5in. cone-paper Midranges, the heart of the system, have a really wide operating range from 350 Hz up to 4 kHz concentrating all the mid frequencies reproduction in only one section giving a truly smooth and flat response.
Its special phase plug provides a coherent wavefront output without internal diffraction for a clean and undistorted frequency response. Avoiding undesirable conflicts between the crossover regions in a critical and focal point as the medium range, F210 is focused to obtain the maximum intelligibility.
The accuracy and the precision of the response make both instruments and vocal intelligibility incomparable!
Supported in the lower frequencies by a pair of powerful 10in. Low-Mid woofers the system extends its range down to 65Hz without stress.
Thanks to the special Band-pass & horn loaded design the prompt and fast transient response is unique as you’ve never heard before! A greater impact for a special sonic experience is guaranteed.
The Formula F210 Mid-Hi frequency section comprises two particular flat annular ring diaphragm, combined with a strong Neodymium magnet and a proprietary double parabolic (4in. x 1in.) planar waveguide.
The driver radiates a coherent planar wavefront output, performing as a rectangular piston without internal diffractions, due to the special phase plugs placed within it, for superior control directivity and high fidelity frequency response, also providing extremely high sensitivity.
This special long throw device is characterized by a clear and transparent sound, transferring a comfortable flat and smooth response.
Greater is the coherence on the horizontal and vertical axis, the Mid-Hi perfect acoustical coupling of individual units is maximized creating a continuous line source, allowing to achieve really large distances. 
Easiest is the system setup thanks to the proprietary box integrated Formula quick rigging solution. A three units dolly makes both transportation and building set up easier. Only two people can manage the maximum configurable 24 elements array.A complete range of rigging accessories make easier and faster all the deployments such as ceiling-mounted or stacked offering multiple set-up options and various orientationsSignificant construction criteria, combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, ensure a great reliability over time.
The F210 cabinet is constructed from marine Birch-ply and has an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish.
The system can be as well matched with all the most challenging Loud Professional Formula and VH subwoofer systems, significantly boosting its LF extension.
Applications: Large Open Air Venues, Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls, Large Scale Discos & Clubs.

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB)    65 Hz - 21 kHz
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V    90° x 10°
Maximum Peak SPL (LF / MF / HF)    139 / 137 / 144 dB
 Components LF    2 x 10in. Neodymium cone driver
 Components MF    2 x 5in. Neodymium cone driver
 Components HF    2 x 4in. Neodymium planar wave driver
 Nominal Impedance LF    2 x 8 Ω
 Nominal Impedance MF    6 Ω
 Nominal Impedance HF    8 Ω
 Power Handling (AES / Peak) LF    2 x 600 / 2 x 2.400 W 
 Power Handling (AES / Peak) MF    160 / 640 W
 Power Handling (AES / Peak) HF    160 / 640 W
 Rigging    Formula™ rigging system
 Connections    2x SpeakON™ NL8
Enclosure Construction    18 / 24 mm Birch-ply
Finish    Black Polyurea PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish
Protection Grille    Powder coated 2mm Metal Rigid Grille
     Acoustically transparent Foam for discrete appearance
 Height Front (mm / in.)    328  / 12.91
 Height Back (mm / in.)    247.5 / 09.74
 Width Front (mm / in.)    924 / 36.37
 Width Back (mm / in.)    924 / 36.37
 Depth (mm / in.)    466 / 18.34
 Weight (kg / lbs)    42 / 92  
Supported Processing    Armonia Pro Audio SUite

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