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Quadra Series

Quadra, boxy in appearance, is Essential, Elegant & Efficient!
It's an installation-specific Minispeaker product range, expressly designed for the most common applications such as commercial activities, shops, lounge bars, restaurants, houses, ceremonies and more others, where it successfully blends itself, due to the discrete  and customizable aspect.
A large color variety makes these specific products particularly suited for every interior design. A special cloth, applied on the front protection grille of the speakers, favors an elegant and discrete appearance.
The range completes itself with The Two, The Four, The Five, The Six  & The S - HP  models, respectively: 2in., 4in., 5in., 6.5in. Full Ranges & 8in. powerful subwoofer, boosting the LF contour.
Despite of the extra small size, Quadra maintains the same Loud Pro characteristics of the purest and comfortable sound, already achieved by the most complex systems with ease. When you are looking for something, the answer is always in front of you..."Quadra is the answer!"

MicrHome Series, expressly designed to be ideal partner for the Home Entertainment, it's quite literally the perfect fit for all everyday needs. Accompanies your Home Cinema as well as makes you listen to good music or help you to play and compose on your computer...it's always an excellent reference! 
The complete range features four complementary speakers, MicrHome, MicrHome Mini, MicrHome Nano and MicrHome Sub, this one boosting the LF contour for a great listening quality.
The special "Black & White"  look, which stands out for the Soft Touch finish, makes this products range extremely interesting for an easy integration in modern architectures when the elegance is a priority.  
MicrHome, the main speaker of the range, can be successfully used as a stand alone system, performing a plenty bass reproduction. it's not absolutely necessary to be supplemented with its ideal companion, the MicrHome Sub.
The extended configuration offers great benefits in terms of deeper frequency response, supporting the Low-Mid transducer and providing a warm and smooth sound feeling, always delivering the legendary Loud Professional listening comfort.
The Mini & Nano complete the range, being so useful for the ultra-compact dimensions that you can fit wherever you need, even in the most unthinkable places. The clarity of the high frequencies, joined with the flat and smooth frequency response, make them extremely recognizable. Aspects, these, all shared through the range!
MicrHome series is particularly suited for all applications where high standard pressure levels are not required, as well as distributed sound in small venues: houses, apartments, lounge bars, shops and more others, always pursuing the ambition of the best listening experience.

Nucleo Series is an installation-specific products range, it is quite literally the smaller and lighter Loud Professional series. Nucleo family comprises two complementary speakers, Nucleo and NucleoS, respectively a Full Range and a Sub-bass unit, last this extends the overall frequency response toward the lower end region to 50 Hz as a stand alone system.
The combination of these two speakers offers a great advantage of an extremely extended and flat sound reproduction in a small and lightweight configuration for an incredible  out of standard SPL, compared to speakers of equal size..."everything is a-Loud!"
Everything is allowed using this portable system. Nucleo Series makes possible many kind of permanent or temporary installations such as: Ceremonies, Small venues, Small clubs, Shops, Lounge bars & Restaurants and more others.
 Nucleo Series is extremely versatile in all small live performances, acting like a system of larger dimensions.   

Gamma series is an installation-specific products range. Loud Professional Introduced the Co-linear technology from 90’s, The new Gamma series employs the same concept, always using coaxial transducers through all ranges, from 5in. to 15in., offering a true 70° conical coverage pattern (except for the 12in. & 15in.).
The co-linear design approach physically aligns LMF and HF acoustic centers to obtain a single Point source configuration, delivering a coherent wavefront output across the entire reproducible frequencies spectrum, free of comb-filtering effects generated by traditional transducers couplings.
The result is un incomparable phase response, only recognizable in high quality studio reference monitors, bringing studio quality to short-medium throw professional sound reinforcement.
A State of the art coaxial transducers perform in Gamma speakers always giving the recognizable Loud effect for the clearest pristine sound.
Their quick & fast transient response allows a great impact even in the smallest transducers dimension.
An internal passive crossover provides the perfect transducers alignment, also being more cost effective in terms of amplifier output channels. Only one output channel is needed driving up to eight units (Gamma5 & Gamma6 16 Ω version).
The co-linear sound philosophy, combined with the same coverage pattern through all the range, make every model extremely versatile and compatible in a large variety of applications. Gamma double angled enclosures can be successfully employed as multipurpose systems as well as: Stage monitors, PA or Front Fills and In/Out Fills, from small to medium-sized venue.
Small footprint and light weight, joined with a complete range of accessories, make easier and faster all deployments for a true road-ready “plug & play”.
Gamma has been expressly designed to prove the legendary Loud Professional listening comfort, despite of its simple but essential design, never compromising the high quality but just reducing the power handling for all applications where high standards of SPL are not required.
Factory implemented precise presets allow the correct use of the Gamma speakers also preserving them from undesirable shocks while guaranteeing the maximum performance by the same Loud Professional characteristic sound. Dedicated amplifiers with an uploadable presets library make easier all configurations (no other electronic devises are accepted instead of those indicated in the user manual).
Made of high quality Birch-ply and Polyurea painted, are sturdy vibrations free enclosures, ensuring a real wide bandwidth for undistorted and well extended low-frequency reproduction, which makes these loudspeakers as stand alone systems, perfectly suited for various and multiple applications.
Gamma Full Ranges can be used without subwoofer units in many situations thanks to their extended Low response, while maintaining the right comfort, even in the smallest models.
Gamma significantly boosts its Low-Frequency response offering a complete range of subwoofer units, from 8in. to 21in., to be combined according to size and performance needed. Gamma series consists of: Gamma5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, and GammaS8, S10, S12, S15, S18, S21, respectively Full-Range and Subwoofer systems.
The number that follows each Gamma model refers to the LMF or LF transducer dimension. 
A color range (RAL Architectural program) makes all Gamma speakers, for an easy integration, most appropriate for each installation depending on the architectural and furniture requirements.


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