Nucleo Series is an installation-specific products range, it is quite literally the smaller and lighter Loud Professional series. Nucleo family comprises two complementary speakers, Nucleo and NucleoS, respectively a Full Range and a Sub-bass unit, last this extends the overall frequency response toward the lower end region to 50 Hz as a stand alone system.
The combination of these two speakers offers a great advantage of an extremely extended and flat sound reproduction in a small and lightweight configuration for an incredible  out of standard SPL, compared to speakers of equal size..."everything is a-Loud!"
Everything is allowed using this portable system. Nucleo Series makes possible many kind of permanent or temporary installations such as: ceremonies, small venues, small clubs, shops, lounge bars & restaurants and more others.
Nucleo Series is extremely versatile in all small live performances, acting like a system of larger dimensions.   
Nucleo Series Nucleo Nucleo Sub

Nucleo Series