QuadraS - HP aspects

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QuadraS - HP maintains the same look of all Quadra speakers, it's boxy in appearance but simply elegant! It's an installation-specific Sub/Bass unit, featuring a single long excursion 8in. in a Band-pass design, that provides incredible High Performances, even if a small diameter transducer is in charge of it. 
The Band-pass design produces significant performance benefits in terms of efficiency, low distortion and deepest bass extension down to 45 Hz (40 Hz @ -10dB), not comparable to traditional vented box of equal size, always providing a clear and smooth response for the maximum listening comfort.
QuadraS - HP has been designed to increase the Quadra Extended Range speakers headroom, boosting their LF contour and offering a really wide operating range from 40 Hz up to 20 kHz.
The close coupling of the two sub-systems (Sub/Bass and Extended Range speakers), thanks to the right alignment, allows to obtain a true stand alone Point source element, delivering a coherent wavefront output  across  the  entire  reproducible  frequencies  spectrum.
Two M6 threaded inserts on the top panel of QuadraS - HP make it easier and faster. A M20 built-in adapter, on the same top panel, allows all Quadra speakers to be pole mounted.
QuadraS - HP can also be hanged on the ceiling, a special bracket favors the hanging of this unit, with or without each Quadra Extended Range combined together.
QuadraS - HP is ideally suited for permanent or temporary installed specific applications and it is also particularly useful for all applications where high standard SPL are not required, as well as distributed sound in small venues, Small clubs, Lounge Bars & Restaurants and more others.  
it is also an ideal companion for Home Dolby Cinema applications as well as Broadcast and Studio Recording, thanks to its ability to extend the response toward the low-end region.
Significant construction criteria, combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, ensure a great reliability over time. QuadraS - HP cabinet is constructed from marine Birch-ply and has an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish. 
A color range (RAL Architectural program) makes all Quadra speakers, for an easy integration, most appropriate for each installation depending on the architectural and furniture requirements.
Applications: Conference Halls, Theaters, Shops & Commercial Centers, Small Clubs, Pubs, Lounge Bars & Restaurants, Houses & Apartments, Ceremonies.

Technical Specifications 
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB)    45 Hz - 110 Hz (40 Hz @ -10dB)
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB)    Omnidirectional or cardioid (paired)
Maximum Peak SPL LF    124 dB
 Components LF    1 x 8in. Ferrite cone driver
 Nominal Impedance LF    8 Ω
 Power Handling (AES / Peak) LF    350 / 1.400 W 
 Connection    2 x Phoenix™ 4 Pole Connectors
Enclosure Construction    18 mm Birch-ply 
Finish    Black PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish
     (Optional custom color, Refer to the User Manual)
Protection Grille    N.A.
 Height Front (mm / in.)    425 / 16.73
 Height Back (mm / in.)    425 / 16.73
 Width Front (mm / in.)    425 / 16.73
 Width Back (mm / in.)    425 / 16.73
 Depth (mm / in.)    425 / 16.73
 Weight (kg / lbs)    17.5 / 38.58
Supported processing    Armonia Pro Audio Suite  &  Armonia Plus