Just like the  VH e-motions  series is considered the origins of the Loud Professional  Sound Philosophy the latest  Formula™ series  Concept   can be considered its evolution due to a constant, intensive and attentive R&D.

All our previous mentioned reference standards such as

Controlled Directivity,
focusing energy where needed, inevitably increasing the system efficiency and reducing undesirable interactions and conflicts.
High Efficiency,
due to the special loudspeaker designs, all our systems are fully engineered to always reach best performances with no compromise,  More power...Less units! 
Wide Dynamics Range,
the fast and prompt transient response is unique as you never heard before!
Strong Sound Impact,
through strong e-motions, what makes a live performance great,  always delivering the right  impact  to the audience in the best pleasant way:
onstage  or  downstage.
Powerful and Deep Bass,
an important key factor of each great sound reproduction! It has to be extended to the lower octaves, it has to be controlled and well defined, it has to be punchy and powerful enough surrounding the crowd.
Smooth and Flat Frequency Response,
through the most accurate sound reproduction and fully respecting the human hearing system in some critical and focal points for an extremely comfortable unheard way of listening.
are successfully combined together with a new way of  thinking...the Formula™ Concept!

"Extraordinary Listening Experience"

Our mission is always offering the maximum comfort to our listeners for the best quality listening experience,  every time and everywhere. So, they never get tired at any sound pressure level, feeling strongest emotions in a new “unheard way of listening”!

Formula™  Midrange  Concept
Wider Operating Range,
thanks to the special system design (All Horn Loaded), the Midrange section is expressly configured for the widest operating range possible, concentrating the Mids reproduction in only one section, avoiding undesirable conflicts between the crossover regions. A particular phase-plug,  coaxially mounted in front of each midrange, allows to further extend their frequency response up to 4 kHz. What gives the opportunity to use small format diaphragm compression drivers for the High section, in addition to the advantage of using cone-paper transducers, instead of the standard Aluminum or Titanium compression drivers, for the midranges section. One of the most important benefit is a truly smooth response.
Small Format Hi Diaphragm Complement,
the result of using small format (1.75in.) diaphragm compression drivers instead of the competitors traditional large format (3.5in.), which are typically managed  an octave lower, is a decreased distortion and an extremely linear and smooth response,  never tiring the human hearing system at its most sensitive points. 
Huge Gain & True consistency Directivity Pattern,
due to the horn loading technique a true consistency across the directivity pattern is still maintained down to 350 Hz. A huge gain (109 dB,  1 W  @ 1 mt), compared with standard direct radiating midranges, can be delivered with no-stress.
Perfect Mid section Management,
being fully inspired by the concept, which we strongly believe in, that the Medium range is the heart of each professional sound reinforcement and also achieving the best performances you can expect from a system in action, Mids have to be perfectly managed. Most of the instruments and vocal intelligibility take place there, same time, Mids are a critical and focal point of the human hearing system.
Loud Professional provides a complete range of customized presets, each expressly dedicated to a single system, always allowing to achieve its finest tuning when performing.
Formula™  Low-Mid  Concept
Strong  Sound  Impact,
We have reason to believe that the Low-Mid section is a crucial point in each professional sound reinforcement system, mostly when it houses a pair of 12in. transducers or smaller. A great amount of energy is required to be delivered from the Low-Mid section, and transducers are normally driven by a large quantity of electrical input signals and instant peaks that cause their long excursion at the expense of the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). 
Continuos high levels of power handling and instant peaks are the main causes of electrical and mechanical breakdown, without considering the loss of performance of any system during extended sets.
Loud Professional gives the right solution to those problems of reduced performances and risk of damages, just designing the new Formula™ Low-Mid section, a powerful unit that characterizes all Formula range from the smaller F205 up to the bigger F215. 
Hybrid   Band-pass  Configurations,
these two different configurations characterize the Formula Low-Mid section: the Band-pass of the F205, F210 & F215 and the Hybrid configuration of the F212, combining the high sensitivity of the horn loading technique with the more extended Low reproduction of the Bass Reflex tuned enclosure. Both configurations produce significant benefits in terms of reduced THD, thanks to the greater control over cone motion, and increased system efficiency, due to the Band-pass and Horn Loading techniques. All these aspects, optimizing the transducer performances, ensure a superior sonic impact in a crucial point as the Low-Mid range.
Formula™  Mid-Hi  Concept
High fidelity, Clear & Transparent Long Throw Device,
the Formula Mid-Hi frequency section comprises three particular flat annular ring diaphragm, combined to a proprietary double parabolic (4in. x 1in.) planar waveguide. Each driver radiates a coherent planar wavefront output, performing as a rectangular piston without internal diffractions, due to the special phase-plugs placed within it, for superior control directivity and high fidelity frequency response, also providing extremely high sensitivity. This special long throw device is characterized by a clear and transparent sound, transferring a comfortable flat and smooth response. Greater is the coherence on the horizontal and vertical axis, the Mid-Hi perfect acoustical coupling of individual units is maximized creating a continuous line source, allowing to achieve really large distances.
Details_make_the_difference Sound_never_ends

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