Softwares Ease Focus 3 Armonia Pro Audio Suite Armonia Presets Library

 Ease Focus 3 V_3.1.7

Simulate our Line Arrays, Point sources, and Sub Arrays. Define audience areas, section views, and receiver locations flexibly. Calculate sound coverage and frequency response immediately. Use FIR maker optimization to compute FIR filters tailored to the venue. System designers can simulate the acoustical performance of the complete sound system to find the optimal setup for a given venue with multiple audience areas, curved and inclining seating. Ease Focus 3 assists our user with many intelligent features such as Auto Splay functions, Virtual EQ, and detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL and frequency response.






Armonia Pro Audio Suite V_2.11.4

Thought to be the most efficient audio management software on the market, intuitive and interactive, Armonia is the perfect fit for all everyday need. Factory speaker presets, dedicated settings, special system configurations and sophisticated projects can be easily uploaded on the amplifiers, more quickly getting the system ready to work, always obtaining the best performances for every application.