Quadra, boxy in appearance, is Essential, Elegant & Efficient!
It's an installation-specific Minispeaker product range, expressly designed for the most common applications such as commercial activities, shops, lounge bars, restaurants, houses, ceremonies and more others, where it successfully blends itself, due to the discrete  and customizable aspect.
A large color variety makes these specific products particularly suited for every interior design. A special cloth, applied on the front protection grille of the speakers, favors an elegant and discrete appearance.
The range completes itself with The Two, The Four, The Five, The Six  & The S - HP  models, respectively: 2in., 4in., 5in., 6.5in. Full Ranges & 8in. powerful subwoofer, boosting the LF contour.
Despite of the extra small size, Quadra maintains the same Loud Pro characteristics of the purest and comfortable sound, already achieved by the most complex systems with ease. When you are looking for something, the answer is always in front of you..."Quadra is the answer!"
Quadra Series Quadra2 Quadra4 Quadra5 Quadra6 QuadraS - HP