"The Crew"

We firmly believe that the strength of a brand is also created by the people it works with.

"Quality Standards" 

Well trained and attentive users, able to properly make the most of the capabilities of a sound system, are the added value that gives a brand long life, creating its own quality standards for a lasting and permanent market. 

"Listening experiences"

Our mission is always giving everyone the same extraordinary listening experiences every time, everywhere! What makes it possible, is the most accurate management system due to the operators, always updated and well formed.

"Users Network"

For this reason, we consider trainings fundamental, with the aim of creating an increasingly large group of technicians, able to share our Sound Philosophy, always achieving the best performances from a Loud Professional system in action.

"Level Certificates"

Our Courses and Training days are expressly designed for beginners and also for professionals who has high level skills. Three different level certificates

(Basic / Intermediate / Advanced) can be obtained step by step, with the only one proposition always exactly achieving the same result from a sound system running. Each course includes an aptitude test for the certificate validation. Aptitude tests include theoretical and practical applications guided on site as proof of the level reached. Certificates given to expert people are collected in a contact section made available by the Loud Professional Crew.

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Next Courses

April 2020  -  Italy  -  Riccione (TBA)

May 2020  -  Italy  -  Naples (TBA)

More TBD


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